Beginners guide to photography


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  • When should flash photography essentially be used?
  • When should flash photography not be used?
  • Quick techniques on flash and colour matching technology for beginners
  • What are bounce flash, off-camera flash and power packs in flash photography?
  • The advantages of zoom flash
  • Dealing with red eye removal – how important is it?
  • Equipment and gear required for flash photography
  • 100 Photography tips
  • Learn about the different photography styles
  • Simple tips to improve on your photography skills
  • How to create amazing photographs instantly
  • Unlock the secret technique to capture great shots
  • Learn how to use natural and man-made elements in photography to create beautiful photographs

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This course is delivered exclusively through ONLINE learning. The course is available for you to complete at your pace that suits your busy schedule over a 12 month period.

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The course is available online and is accessible 24 hours a day and available for a 12 month period.

Using a camera flash can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects. However, flash is also one of the most confusing and misused of all photographic tools. In fact, the best flash photo is often the one where you cannot even tell a flash was used. This tutorial aims to overcome all the technical terminology in order to focus on the real essence of flash photography: how to control your light and subsequently achieve the desired exposure.

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How you can use flash wisely! A hands-on guide on flash photography for camera friendly people!
Learn flash photography essentials by following simple tips
For those who sincerely wish to become flash photography champions; this course is nothing less than a holy guide. The course would go down in explaining you the nitty-gritty’s of core flash photography, thereby helping you understand each part of the technique properly. All the features of flash photography is covered in this course.
Detailed explanation of flash photography
The course is divided into ten different chapters’ addresses all the major aspects of flash photography. From zoom flash to bounce flash, off-camera flash to daylight flash, you would get to understand all this and more once you follow the techniques given in this course.
Photography pointers to snap the perfect photo!
Inside this practical and revealing course you will find some of the very best expert information, advice, hints, tips, tricks and secrets. Utilise these tips to take beautiful pictures you’ll be proud of forever!
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