Forensic Science Online Training Course


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In this e-course, you will learn:


Understanding the World of Forensics
Discovering the Truth about Forensic Psychology
Psychology and Violent Crime Module
Serial Killers Module/ Criminal Profiling
Criminal Responsibility and Psychiatric Defenses Module
Crime and Substance Abuse Module
Mental Disorder as a Defense Module
Collecting and Categorizing Evidence
Interviewing Witnesses and Victims
Forensic Ballistics, Ballistic Fingerprinting and DNA
Crime Scene Investigation
Securing and Protecting the Scene
Preventing Crime: Problems, Processes and Perseverance
Analyzing Trace Elements
The Future of Forensic

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This course is delivered exclusively through ONLINE learning. The course is available for you to complete at your pace that suits your busy schedule over a 12 month period.

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The course is available online and is accessible 24 hours a day and available for a 12 month period.

Forensic psychologists need patience, creativity, and commitment. Join us today to make that difference in your career and learn the Benefits of a Career in Forensic Psychology:
· The opportunity to help others
· Diverse career paths (i.e. criminal courts, consulting, government, education)
· Can be a challenging and rewarding career
· Be the most highly educated, well grounded, and highly compensated position in the field of criminal justice.

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Forensic Science Online Training Course
When you hear about forensic psychology, what comes to mind? Do you envision mysterious sleuths who solve crimes? Do you think of a criminal profiler who gets inside the mind of a killer in order to predict his next move? While there are probably a few forensic psychologists out there who fit these stereotypes, these highly glamorised ideas are not the norm. So what exactly is forensic psychology and what do forensic psychologists do?

The course takes a look at the issue of violent crime and gives the student the links between mental disorders and violent crime. Following on from this Expert Forensics: Forensic Science and Psychology course makes a brief examination of serial murder and the different causal factors that have been put forward as contributing to the development of the serial killer.

If you enjoy learning about the science of human behaviour and the law, then forensic psychology will probably interest you quite a bit. The field has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years, as more and more students become interested in this applied branch of psychology.

A fascinating guide on the psychology of crime Thinking of a career that indulges your CSI fantasies? Want to understand the psychology of crime? Whether studying it for the first time or an interested spectator, Expert Forensics: Forensic Science and Psychology Course gives you all the essentials for understanding this exciting field, complemented with fascinating case examples from around the world.

Inside you will find out why people commit crime, how psychology helps in the investigative process, the ways psychologists work with criminals behind bars – and how you too can become a forensic psychologist. You will discover what a typical day is like for a forensic psychologist, how they work with the police to build offender profiles, interview suspects or witnesses, and detect lies! Covers the important role psychology plays in assessing offenders Explains how psychology is applied in the courtroom Explains complicated psychology concepts in easy–to–understand terms If you are a student considering taking forensic psychology or just love to learn about the science behind crime, Expert Forensics: Forensic Science and Psychology Course is everything you need to get up–to–speed on this fascinating subject.


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