Online Dog Grooming


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  • Module 1 – History of dogs
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Good Grooming
  • Module 3 – Train Your Dog to be Prepared For Grooming
  • Module 4 – Dog Anatomy & Physiology
  • Module 5 – Grooming Short, Medium & Long Coats
  • Module 6 – Grooming Clipped & Stripped Breeds
  • Module 7 – Grooming Double Coated Breeds & The Corded Breeds
  • Module 8 – Additional Grooming Techniques
  • Module 9 – Health & Safety
  • Module 10 – Grooming Equipment and Proper Use of Dog Scissors
  • Module 11 – You’re the Boss

Course Study Format

This course is delivered exclusively through ONLINE learning. The course is available for you to complete at your pace that suits your busy schedule over a 12 month period.

Training Course Support

If you still have any questions regarding your online course, our technical support team are available 7 days a week and will aim to answer your queries as soon as possible.

Study Hours

The course is available online and is accessible 24 hours a day and available for a 12 month period.

Build a Friendship

This training will help you better understand your dog and help you build a healthy relationship with your pet.

Job Prospects

Become trained and substantially improve your chances of employment or earn more money!

Please note, unless stated otherwise or included in the package, our online courses only offer course completion certificates and in all cases official testing (at a charge made by testing centre) is required to gain officially certified recognised qualifications.


Dog Grooming

The eleven-module Dog Grooming course requires only the internet, allowing it to be completed in the comfort of students’ own rooms any time they wish. It aims to give budding pet care workers a helping hand into the industry by providing them a thorough study of the grooming process, it’s techniques, and their application to all shaggy coats from the soft curls of the poodle to the thick wiry fur of the border terrier. Students will learn each breed’s temperaments and the tools needed to groom them, as well as advice on setting their own business. All of the course can be accessed at once, giving students an outline of the whole process from day one and allowing them to spend more time on sections they prefer.
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